BeachWalk Family Fitness - Belle River, Essex, LaSalle


Group Fitness Redefined

Class Schedule

Group Fitness is redefined here at BeachWalk Family Fitness. We offer a dynamic mix of classes that challenge ALL fitness levels.

Be sure to frequently check out our aerobics schedule to stay updated.


    Looking to develop lean and sculpted muscles? This 60 minute total body workout will keep you coming back for more! Discover new exercises to challenge yourself. This class uses the concept of interval training while balancing combination exercises using weights and cardio. Get ready to challenge yourself and discover muscles you never knew existed in this class that is sure to make you feel the burn! All levels are welcome in this workout class that can increase your cardiovascular endurance, as well as muscular strength.


    A class that mixes calisthenics and body weight exercise with cardio and strength training. Typically alternating bouts of cardio with bouts of muscle training. From planks to squats, core & weights this class will help strengthen and tone your body. Different kinds of fitness equipment may be used.


    This class is designed for all fitness levels. Incorporating upper and lower body strength conditioning keeps your heart rate up to increase fat burning. You choose your own level and build from there. You will be using all kinds of fitness equipment that we have in house. This is a fun and vigorous class.



    The class consists of a wide variety of interval training including lifting weights/objects, cardio routines & body weight workouts. To work on flexibility training, we take the last 10 minutes of our 1 hour class to cool down the body with some basic stretches focusing on the muscles we just worked.

    The great thing about this program is it gives you a routine to follow with the company of others thriving for the same thing.

  •  Pilates

    Using a floor mat and small props, this class focuses on basic Pilates principles: core strength, increased flexibility, breath control and correct alignment to improve posture. With simple choreography and clear instruction, this class is great for both beginners and the experienced. 
  •  Zumba

    Zumba is a fun, effective and simple way to burn calories and tone your body. The sexy and explosive Latin rhythms create a party-like atmosphere that delivers results as well as a " feel happy " workout.

    Cardio Blast

    Kick it up a notch with this fun cardio class incorporating muscular endurance stations and tons of cardio. No experience needed!

    Groove Dance

    No dance experience required! Steps are simple, there is no left or right so you can't get it wrong. You will be so busy having fun, you'll wonder how you got so sweaty!


    Ball Sculpt

    Have a ball as you work your body into better shape! The ball is an integral exercise tool that is easy yet functional for participants of any level. Intervals of simple cardio moves wtih the ball interspersed with effective strength moves with weights, bands and the ball are used to target the whole body. 

    Full Body

    This class is desgined to challenge the body in full motion without the use of weights. Focus on balance, range of motion, and explosive power with a touch of cardio. No experience required, the atmosphere of this class is an exciting adventure of non stop movement which focuses on raising the heart rate and slowing it down when needed to maintain a steady heart rate.

    Slow Flow Yoga

    This is an all levels class that focuses on breath and movement. Cultivate strength, balance and flexibility through a variety of poses and dynamic sequences. Modifications are given depending on the participants ability.

    Flow Yoga

    You will be guided to use your breath and inner focus to move in and out of poses designed to challenge your body, mind and spirit. Modifications will be given depending on the participants ability. Plan to sweat!


    This class is designed to stretch and balance the entire body. The pace is slow and perfect for beginners. Guided visualiazations will leave participants feeling a sense of peace and positivity.