BeachWalk Family Fitness - Belle River, Essex, LaSalle

Juice Bar

Fuel Your Workout at the Juice Bar

Looking to get a jump start on your workout? Or perhaps the perfect shake to finish off all your hard work?

At BeachWalk Family Fitness, we offer effective Pre, intra and Post workout shakes, to help you get the most out of every workout.

Great North Supplements Pre-Workout and SuperCharged Pre-Workout

Great North Supplements BCAAs

Great North Supplements Isolate Protein

AminoCore BCAAs

AllWhey Protein 

Other Supplements

We also offer a wide range of supplements for sale at BeachWalk Family Fitness to help you continue your success outside the gym.

Some of our supplements include:

  • Colostrum - A high concentration of vitamins, amino acids, and immune supporting ingredients, make this a power-packed supplement for any fitness program.
  • Creatine (powder and capsule)