BeachWalk Family Fitness - Belle River, Essex, LaSalle


Improve Your Overall Fitness

Why BeachWalk Personal Training?


First and foremost, BeachWalk offers a complete training system that puts you back in control of your own performance. By connecting you to your natural movement with the help of your nervous system we rapidly "debug" your movement patterns. You can create lighting-fast improvements in performance, pain relief, positive mindset and the enjoyment of life. 


As a health club focused on education, the goal at Beachwalk is to help create healthy members who offer inspiration to others in what they themselves have achieved. We do this by providing professional coaching that secures life-long changes, providing our members with the framework and tools they need to optimize their health and performance for the rest of their lives.


Beachwalk puts you our member, and his or her nervous system, at the center of their training. When you understand modern neuroscience one thing becomes abundantly clear: lackluster performance is not a strength/muscular problem or a problem resolved through more exercise. As seen by our current members, the BeachWalk Lifestyle Training System focuses on your specific needs. Every single one of them is immensely important to athleticism/life and not addressing any one of these IS what prevents you from ever reaching your true potential.

How Do I Get Back My Performance?

Book your complimentary Fitness Map and better understand how you move, how you should move, the difference in better movement, how it effects weight loss, body composition, performance, and most importantly your mindset and life.

Be the best version of yourself today!