BeachWalk Family Fitness - Belle River, Essex, LaSalle


Come in and Tan Today!

At BeachWalk Family Fitness, we also offer both stand-up and lay down tanning services. We offer tanning packages, as well as unlimited tanning packages.

Universe Lay Down

High intensity, 12 minute max lay down bed. Relax while you tan, and enjoy the added facials this bed provides, to get that "sun kissed" look you crave.

Sundome Stand Up

High intensity, 10 minute max stand up. Feel the cool breeze as the fans circulate the fresh air.

Ringo Mix Stand Up

12 minute max stand up. This unit offers a mix between high intensity and high pressure bulbs, giving you the ULTIMATE tan! You will have instant colour and the long lasting tan you desire. (Belle River location only)

HPO Stand Up

14 minute max stand up. High pressure bulbs to give you a deep, dark, long lasting tan. You won't have to tan as often. Maintain that beautiful golden tan you've worked so hard on.(Belle River location only)