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Reiki is a Japanese energy , "Chi", Prana energy to pass through them and into the person. The practitioner uses a series of different hand positions on the body both touching and hovering over specific areas of the body. These specific areas of the body are known as chakras. Chakras are where energy flow in and out of the body.

Janna Clapp-Arsenault
Certified Reiki Master & Reflexologist
Certified Myomassolgist
Back & Neck Pain Specilist

Janna offers free demos, assessments and treatments, call to book your appointment today.

Contact: 519-776-9312 or 519-919-9554

Kacie Auffret
Reiki Practioner
Kacie got started in Reiki in 2016. Reiki is a holistic form of healing; relaxes, de-stresses and connects one with positive energy. Kacie believes Reiki is an important aspect to life, just like eating healthy and working out. "For the first time I can lay down and my mind doesn't wander", "My anxiety has lessened", those are just a couple of the many positive comments Kacie has received from her clients. Kacie believes that fitness, eating healthy and calming oneself is the most important things to a happy lifestyle Reiki Single 1 Hour Session $70 plus HST.